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We are a company devoted to assist our clients in management of their legal risks in the domains of Occupational Health, Safety and with Environmental related issues. In addition, the company has the competency to assist clients with the development, implementation, training, assessments and audits of health, safety and environmental compliance interventions. 

Trust The Universality Way

At Universality, we believe in having a trusted relationship with our clients. We have made trust a principal value in our company, and feel that it is the cornerstone of conducting successful business. With trust, people collaborate and projects succeed as they are delivered on time as promised. 



By working in partnership with you, we work towards a common goal of positive changes in your workplace whilst delivering Legal compliance. Our service are tailored to suit your organization, to provide the support that really protects your business. Our Collaborative approach ensure you have industry-leading fingertips.


We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge expertise, established around a team of experienced consultants who understand your industry and sectors. Industries evolved and practices change. To keep pace, all consultants undertake regular continuous
Professional Development, ensuring that our knowledge is always up-to-date and relevant.


We help to alleviate the health and safety burden through the delivery of practical and cost effective solutions, we enable you to run your business within the Health and Safety Legal domains. By delivering an efficient service we are here to support you when you need us most, with a flexible and adaptive provision. 


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