Gated Communities

Specialists in the domains of Residential Estates.

  • Ensure that all personnel are trained as required by the Occupational Health and safety Act, Act 85 of 1993.

  • Ensure that all Required Risk Assessments get conducted as required by the Law.

  • Document verification, HOA/External service providers/Contractors.

  • Ensure that all documentation, files, records, are kept up to date and compliant, and furthermore inform/adhere/implement compliance to newly promulgated legislation in the interest of health and safety.

  • Ensure that all documentation and information deemed to be personal information as seen within the POPI Act, is compliant in that regard.

  • Ensure that the HOA/Management within the Estate are as far as reasonably practicable, protected from non-compliance practices and possible legal liability exposures that may derive from non-compliance practices within areas they have control over.

  • Ensure that all contractors within the Estate are as far as reasonably practicable, compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Act 85 of 1993 and with specific reference to the Construction Regulations promulgated thereunder.

  • The only way to achieve the abovementioned is to implement the Occupational health and safety compliance standard, as set out by Universality within ARC (Association of Residential Communities of South Africa).

  • Universality will facilitate all Health & Safety related committees/REP/Covid-19 meetings.