Legal Audits

The duration of these audits will be based on a comprehensive scope and extend of the organisations activities and practices/processes.

Directors Liability Audits:

Legal Compliance Audits:

Legal None Compliance Audits:

Document Reviews:








Health and Safety Inspection Audits

Health, Safety, Environmental, Labour, Contractual, Commercial

Health, Safety &  Environmental.

Health, Safety & Environmental.

Policies/Plan & Procedures;

Training material;
Risk Assessments;
Codes of Practices;
Management systems, etc;

Contractors Agreements.

The Legal Audit will include the following:
Environmental, Health; and Safety Legal Compliance Audit.

When: The auditors will consider all applicable Legislation when conducting the audit. The specific areas to be visited and documentation to be scrutinized will be established between the persons responsible within the organization and Universality after acceptance of the quote. The team will be focusing on documentation and on site confirmation of findings.

How: The auditors will conduct a desk top audit, conducting interviews with senior management, service providers and scrutinizing documentation. The auditors will do field verification and conduct interviews with management and employees in the working areas.

Time: The Audit time will be determined by the Universality team, and then be indicated on the quote.

Risk Assessments 

Baseline Risk Assessments
Issue Base Risk Assessments

Legally Prescribed & Required Risk Assessments

Universality will facilitate the risk management process, capture all data, analyze, and then thereafter report thereon.