Legal Registers

Electronic Legal Register (site specific)

This legal register would be web based, the Universality IT team will create a operating system for and on behalf of the client, which means that whoever is granted permission to use the register can do so from anywhere in the world. The operation system would also be made mobile compatible, which means all personnel can access the operation system via their smart phones or tablets. The proposed register will stipulate all the relevant legal requirements relating to Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental legislation, and if needed provide an explanation of the various stipulations. The Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Legal register will focus on the applicable National and Provincial Legislations, Municipal Bylaws and a list of all SABS, SANS Standards. The legal register will be drafted in the following stages;

Stage 1: It would consist of the legal team gathering information and the identification of all legislation. This would be done through site visits, and scrutinizing of relevant documentation.

Stage 2: This will consist of the team drafting the legal register with all applicable Health, Safety and Environmental legal requirements. This would be done off site. (National, provincial and Municipal).
Stage 3: Stipulating of all applicable SABS, SANS Standards (Compiling a list of all applicable SANS/SABS standards.)
Stage 4: All of the findings made, will then be placed within the Clients Operation System (created by the Universality IT Team) which will then be made available to the organization for
Stage 5: After acceptance of stage 4, the Operating system would be published for use by the clients team. İncluded within the legal register would be the training (how to work, access and change data). The legal register will be updated by the Universality team, if applicable legislation were amended or if new legislation were to be promulgated. (monthly tariff for updating done by Universality).

Legal Appointments

Pre drafted Appointment Letters
Statutory Appointment Explanation Manual (specific to the organisation)
Drafting of site specific appointment letters

Universality has a pre-packaged electronic Legal Appointment Program that includes all appointment template
documents, explanations and guidance to the appointment process. Should your organization require, we will
physically prepare and facilitate the complete legal appointment process for your organization.